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eCommerce fulfilment time for the spotlight

eStar chief client officer Richard Berridge discusses why fulfilment needs to take priority in your business now.

Fulfilment is a dry topic in the world of eCommerce and from a retailer’s perspective can feel somewhat disconnected from the customer, which is why its importance in determining eCommerce success is often overlooked.

eCommerce fulfilment time for the spotlight

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Customer Led Innovation - Click & Collect

Click & collect

There’s no doubt about it, Click & Collect is huge!

As the name suggests (and everyone knows!), allows customers to order online and pick their goods up in store, at a time and location of their convenience.  

In Australasia, Click & Click is growing, for example Harvey Norman claim Click & Collect is over 50% of online, when The Warehouse launched Click & Collect 2 years ago, it went to 10% in the first week, and is now over 30% of online sales.

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